Keynote Presentations

The topics can be offered as either once-off 1 hour webinars or a series of webinars that span over a week or more.  Contents of each topic include insights, research, engagement and exercises for reflection and support sustainable integration.


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Keynote presentations delivered to date include :


Mental Wellbeing

An introduction to what impacts our mental wellbeing, and the consequences both personally and professionally and supportive coping strategies that build resilience.



Trust, accountability, collaboration and self-belief are some of the challenges that typically exist in organisations, that are emphasised by unexpected challenges and crisis, e.g. COVID-19. The session touches on what often unconsciously stands in the way of building these essential behaviours within an organisation and what options we have to create this.



Change is inevitable, yet embracing change is more often than not a challenge and we hold on to the belief that something will eventually change and get disappointed that it doesn’t. Einstein is well known for saying:

“Insanity is doing what we’ve always done and expecting a different result.”

“We cannot solve current problems with the same level of thinking that created the problems in the first place.”

This session creates an understanding on what makes humans resist change, what our typical response is and the consequences of this resistance, as well as an insight to how a Mindshift is possible that will impact every aspect of one’s life.



An introduction to what Mindfulness is, it’s benefits and practises that can be easily incorporated to experience these benefits.


Stress Management

A neuroscientific introduction to stress and how it can be both beneficial and not. The session supports individuals recognise what triggers their stress and what options they have available to combat, manage and build resilience in the midst of our stress responses.


Setting Boundaries

The session offers an opportunity to reflect on how boundaries impact our lives, relationships and results and supportive strategies to create purposeful boundaries.


Courageous Communication

The session looks at what unconscious programs influence our courage to speak up, especially in situations that are important.  We either avoid these conversations or don’t hold them in a way that strengthens our relationships and positively impacts outcomes.  There is an alternative option – to be bolder than these programs that stand in our way with powerful insights and tools to support us speaking up, especially when we don’t feel like it.