“…facilitating both licenced & tailor-made interventions that empower individuals and teams to be purposeful, engaged and impactful…”

Custom Interventions

Co-Create – Facilitates teams to create a mutual purpose, collaborative strategy and a dynamic culture to ensure the the successful execution thereof. The intervention is run over three or four separate sessions held over a period of time suitably identified for the client.

Excellence – Strengthens an organisation’s pipeline through the development of emotional intelligence, confidence, resilience and influence whilst empowering fundamental leadership skills. At the outset, individual engagement sessions are conducted with an identified group of representatives in the business to identify the key outcomes.

Leveraging this input, the programme is designed in individually themed blocks that connects learning outputs to the values, leadership philosophy and goals of the organisation.

An Action Learning component can be included in the programme to further develop collaboration and organisational awareness amongst delegates. Additionally 1:1 coaching sessions can be incorporated for each
delegate to deepen their self awareness and leadership development.

Engage and Empower – Created to connect a group of individuals in an organisation to strengthen relationships, gain insight to typical challenges faced and guided to create action plans to embed their learning. An initial assessment is conducted to support identifying the most appropriate themes for each session scheduled.

These then create a series of workshops, each 2-3 hours in duration, that are conducted regularly (monthly, twice a month or every second month), enabling colleagues to engage, learn, embed and immediately apply the insights.

Impactful Communication – Supports an organisation create a culture where behaviours such as :  communicating with clarity and impact; acting with integrity and demonstrating responsibility are in place. The result of this is people care for one another, are accountable, deliver quality outcomes timeously thereby collectively achieving greater levels of success for the business.

The programme commences with a full day programme, followed by two to three x 2 hour workshops, comprising of small individual groups of employees, to ensure the programme learnings and insights are embedded and actioned.

Energise – Created to support participants cleanse and optimise their mind, body and soul thus increasing their energy levels and positively impacting every aspect of their life. The programme is broken into six individually-themed workshops. At the outset, each participant is assessed holistically that supports creating an individual plan that is reflected on throughout the programme.

Each workshop provides an opportunity for reflection and progress checking against each participant’s goals, and insights to topics that will support and sustain their goal. These include: eating for sustainable energy, holistic body alignment, creating balance, remaining committed to my goal, managing stress, gaining the support of others, and sustaining my achievement.

Licensed Interventions

VitalSmart’s Crucial Conversations – A two day intervention that equips participants with skills to successfully hold conversations when emotions are strong, stakes are high and opinions differ.

VitalSmart’s Crucial Accountability – Either a two day or one day add-on (post Crucial Conversations) intervention that focuses on skills to bridge the gap between expectations and deliverables.

Business as Unusual -A one day intervention focused on the human side of change and delivered to individual leader and employee groups in an organisation.

For more details visit: www.humanedge.co.za.


Lead with Humanity – Enables organisations, teams and individuals to see, understand and respond to the rapidly changing world through experiential immersions, providing an opportunity for each delegate to broaden their perspective’s on life and an opportunity to self reflect on who they are and how they are and choose to show up as leaders.

For more details visit: www.leadwithhumanity.co.za.


Creative Consciousness International – An organisation committed to empower individuals and organisations globally in authentic, holistic awareness and conscious living. This is done through a Self Awareness, Transformational and ICF Accredited Coach Training programmes.

For more details visit: www.creativeconsciousness.com.