Custom Interventions


Responding to specific needs, capabilities, behaviors and outcomes

From decades of experience, I believe an impactful intervention is one that is co-created with a client in response to specific needs, capabilities, behaviours and outcomes.   Through a blend of knowledge, research, assessments, engagement, collective wisdom, action and reflection, I stand for creating interventions that ensure purposeful impact and sustainable growth.

The foundation of all my interventions is built on the powers of Consciousness and expanded Awareness. Much of our experience of life is as a result of our conditioning and beliefs that impact our choices, behaviour and hence results.  With an awareness of what we may not know that we don’t know, and through the possibility of neuroplasticity, we are able to shift these beliefs and hence impact who we are, how we show up and impact the world.

To support the integration of this power and possibility, themed sessions are created that reflect on relevant challenges and chosen outcomes and experiences. These may be offered as standalone presentations or created into workshops held over a few hours, a day or more, conducted consecutively or spaced. These can be run in person and online.

Custom Interventions

Leaders in Action – was created for a group of leaders to self-reflect and with an expanded awareness to purposefully impact who they are, how they show up, embrace life and influence others. The journey started with a 1:1 session to identify key challenges and desired outcomes for each leader.  Common themes created the foundation and focus of the customised intervention that entailed a series of themed sessions, supported by relevant insights, tools and exercises to strengthen awareness and empower personal potential.  Integrated insights were continually evaluated and reflected on. During the journey, various Mindfulness practises were introduced to support the delegate’s presence.


Leading Me themes included:


  • Creating balance and energy
  • Being true to myself
  • Being Bold, Purposeful and Influential
  • Empowering Accountability
  • Courageous Communication
  • Leaving a legacy


The series then expanded to focus on Leading You, which again was based on the group’s requested themes:


  • Clarity, Commitment and Completion
  • Collaboration through co-creation
  • Creating flow and thriving through accountability
  • Igniting energy through interdependency
  • Coach-empowered engagements
  • Co-elevating through feedback and failure

i-Flourish – designed to support individuals be courageous amidst challenges that show up in life. Throughout the program of spaced sessions over a period of time, an emphasis is created to care for oneself holistically: mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. The purpose of this is to build a solid foundation to support empowering individuals deal typical obstacles that show up, such as:


  • Dealing with stress and uncertainty
  • Holding difficult conversations
  • Saying No and Yes consciously
  • Creating balance
  • Creating boundaries and supporting accountability
  • Managing time and energy


The themes have been held as individual keynote presentations and workshops and a series of sessions.

we-Flourish – is a team intervention that brings the voices of all members together to create:


  • Clarity of purpose
  • Celebrate their diversity
  • Commitments that are mutually agreed and ensure Accountability
  • Engagement strategies that ensure Collaboration whilst inspiring and empowering


This intervention (or elements thereof) has been delivered over a variety of timeframes based on individual client requests.

FutureF!t  – created to empower young people : students, scholars and adolescents, to embrace their uniqueness and discover their power to navigate their world consciously, courageously and purposefully, without being impacted by their past and circumstances.

Initial 1:1s were held to identify each attendee’s overall objective/s any highlight any personal challenges that were built into the series.  Themed sessions included:


  • I am powerful
  • Loving Me unconditionally
  • Growing through challenges
  • Caring for my Self holistically
  • Owning my stress
  • Be Bold and incorruptible
  • Hold empowering engagements
  • Ignite my power and energy
  • Be present and purposeful
  • Stand Up, Show Up, Speak Up


FutureF!t has run as a once off intervention, ad hoc workshops as well as a series of six to eight sessions.

Other customised interventions that have been created include:

Leadership Excellence – created to strengthen an organisation’s pipeline through the development of emotional intelligence, confidence, resilience and influence whilst empowering fundamental leadership skills.  At the outset, individual engagement sessions were conducted with an identified group of representatives in the business to identify the key outcomes of the intervention.

Leveraging this input, the programme was designed in individually themed blocks that connected learning outputs to the values, leadership philosophy and goals of the organisation. An Action Learning component was included in the programme to further develop collaboration and organisational awareness amongst delegates.  Individual coaching sessions were offered to support delegates deepen their self-awareness and leadership development.

This programme was run for six different groups of 20 people each, over a three year period.

Engage and Empower – created to connect a group of individuals in an organisation to strengthen relationships, gain insight to typical challenges faced and guided to create action plans to embed their learning. An initial assessment was conducted to support identifying the most appropriate themes for each session within the series, comprising of 6 workshops held monthly.

Energise – created to support participants cleanse and optimise their mind, body and soul thus increasing their energy levels and positively impacting every aspect of their life.  The programme is broken into six individually-themed workshops. At the outset, each participant is assessed holistically that supports creating an individual plan that is reflected on throughout the programme.

Each workshop provides an opportunity for reflection and progress checking against each participant’s goals, and insights to topics that will support and sustain their goal. These include: eating for sustainable energy, holistic body alignment, creating balance, managing stress, connection, sustainability.