I partner with my clients to create the experience and changes they choose in their lives, both personally and professionally. Leveraging the Consciousness Coaching Methodology, my coaching takes place in such a way that coachee’s create shifts that support immediate and sustainable action and change, whilst experiencing a sense of purpose, fulfillment and energy.

Consciousness Coaching is an advanced methodology of coaching that creates shifts in the client’s consciousness leaving them empowered to influence providence and create a self-designed destiny. It:

Is able to access consciousness, i.e. the context in which we hold our thinking and feeling

Creates powerful and lasting changes in a short amount of time

Is multi-dimensional in that one achieves desired goals whilst developing other aspects of one’s life

Is authentic and practised by all facilitators and coaches around the world.

Consciousness Coaching Session | Awareness Creation (AC)

  1. Transforming Anger to Passion
  2. Power of the Word
  3. Integrity
  4. The Power to Act
  5. Ladder of Power
  6. Story vs Isness
  7. Context
  8. Consciousness Inventory
  9. The art of completion
  10. Create your life as a masterpiece’ – Vision, Mission, Legacy
  11. Comfort Zone
  12. Closure

Each coaching cycle ranges from a minimum of six to maximum of 12 coaching sessions of one hour each. Sessions take place face to face, via telephone or skype, depending on each client’s preference and schedule.