Creating flow through People and Technology

We believe in the collective, connected value of people and technology to create unparalleled value within organisations

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Phlo People

Engages, empowers and energises people to realise their purpose, potential and passion.

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Phlo Technology

Leveraging your IT investment to realise its full potential

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A motivated employee performs a role aligned to the business strategy, with clarity on what is required, knowing the value they add and supported by agile and aligned technology.

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About Us


We believe that to make a significant impact to business output, an organisation must take a collective focus on the people, what they need to achieve and the tools they use to do so. Our focus is to ensure that the business and IT are aligned from a strategy, organisation design, process and technology point of view to achieve their purpose.

Our Team Our Team


Sue Schreuder Coaching Services was formed in 2011 to positively impact lives and organisations through engaging, empowering and energising individuals and teams to realise their purpose, potential and passion. This was created through one or a combination of purposefully designed, managed and integrated programs, facilitation of tailored and off-the-shelf interventions and coaching for individuals and groups.

A variety of interventions and initiatives have been created since it’s formation, enabling individuals to embrace typical challenges faced in their personal and professional lives whilst motivating and inspiring them to embrace opportunities at hand to realise their full potential and benefit. These included : Excellence; Engage and Empower; Energise, Embed.

With an increased awareness of the connection of an organisation’s technology (including systems and process) and it’s people, "Sue Schreuder Coaching Services" incorporated a technology offering and re-branded itself as "Phlo" 2014. It’s purpose is to create flow through people and technology, as we believe that through engaged, motivated and inspired people an organisation will maximise it’s value through the effective and efficient application of the technology that infiltrates through the organisation.


"Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. It is a single-minded immersion and represents perhaps the ultimate experience in harnessing the emotions in the service of performing and learning. In flow, the emotions are not just contained and channeled, but positive, energized, and aligned with the task at hand." - Wikipedia

Meet the team

Sue Schreuder

Sue Schreuder

Sue Schreuder is an internationally accredited Professional and Consciousness Coach, facilitator and people development consultant who is passionate about life, personal fulfilment and making a positive contribution to the world. She designs and facilitates interventions that equip individuals and teams to wrestle with challenges and sustainably achieve identified and purposeful results.

Sue has 20 years’ local and international working experience in a number of industries filling roles such as : leadership and people development; employee engagement; sales; marketing; communication; event and project management; coaching and facilitation. She majored in Psychology and Marketing at the University of Natal, is an internationally accredited Professional and Consciousness Coach, a member of the International Coaching Federation, a facilitator for Vitalsmart’s Crucial Conversations and Worldsview’s Nine Conversations in Leadership.

Qualifications, Accreditations and Membership

Association / Institution Link
BSocSci : Psychology and Marketing - University of Natal UKZN Logo
Internationally Accredited Professional and Consciousness Coach Conciousness Coaching Logo
Accredited facilitator for Vitalsmart’s Crucial Conversations VitalSmarts
Accredited facilitator for Worldsview’s Nine Conversations in Leadership Worldsview Academy logo image
Member of the International Coaching Federation ICF

Industry Experience

  • Information Technology
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Mining & Construction industries
  • Investment Banking

Areas of Expertise

  • Personal and Professional coaching
  • Purposeful Teams
  • Empowering Communication
  • Rewarding Relationships
  • Self awareness & fulfilment
  • Sustaining learning and development

Facilitation Experience

Sue has facilitated off-the shelf as well as in-house, customised workshops and programmes throughout her professional career. She particularly enjoys designing and delivering programmes that are tailored to address specific challenges and development needs. She is an accredited facilitator for Worldsview’s Nine Conversations in Leadership and Vitalsmart’s Crucial Conversations programmes.

Paul Schreuder

Paul Schreuder

"there has got to be a better way"

Purpose / Passion

Paul is inspired and motivated to realise the full potential of an organisation’s technology (systems, processes, data) to sustainably maximise its value. This is achieved aligning IT and business strategy and empowering individuals and teams to deliver competently and confidently.

He has a proven record of 22 years local and international hands-on and executive experience, successfully delivering large scale and multi-national projects across a broad range of IT environments.

His experience spans

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Innovative Technology Solutions
  • Software design and development
  • Infrastructure and network enablement / design
  • IT Management
  • IT Consultant
  • Technology Integration/Separation resulting from Acquisitions and Disposals

Paul studied Computer Science and Statistics, culminating is a masters degree in Artificial Intelligence. He holds three degrees from the University of Natal

  • MSc Computer Science (Artificial Intellifence : Neural Networks)
  • Honours Computer Science
  • BSc Computer Science and Statistics


  • ABAP development
  • ITSM - ITIL V3 Foundations

Paul has credible recognition through industries including :

Industry Company Role
Mining and Construction PPC GM IT
SAP Project Manager
Supply Chain and Logistics Barloworld Supply Chain Software Executive South Africa
Executive Software development
Information Technology Bytes Software Project Manager
Account Manager
Dun & Bradstreet Consulting
Automotive Daimler Chrysler Software Developer, .Net
Barloworld Automotive IT Executive - Architecture
Banking Natwest Bank Networking & Desktop Support
RMB Consulting
Insurance Hiscox Insurance Software Development - c#, Java
FMCG Somerfields Consulting
Manufacturing Golden Wonder SAP Development - ABAP
Office Supplies Corporate Express BI Manager (Principle Consultant)
Travel Thompson Travel Software Development - vb

Sue Schreuder

Sue Schreuder

Phlo People

Creating personal and leadership excellence.

Paul Schreuder

Paul Schreuder

Phlo Technology

Guiding organisations to align their people, process and technology with their purpose.

Chatter from the Team

Latest Works



Excellence is targeted to individuals striving to be a more empowering and effective leader. The programme supports participants to strengthen their emotional intelligence, confidence and resilience, whilst empowering fundamental leadership skills.

The programme’s uniqueness
The nuance of this offering is that each programme is specifically designed to address the needs and expectations of a business or organisation. At the outset, individual engagement sessions are conducted with an identified group of representatives in the business. Leveraging their input, the programme is then designed in a series of individually themed blocks that connect learning outputs to the values, leadership philosophy and goals of the organisation. In addition, an Action Learning component may be included in the programme to further develop collaboration and organisational awareness amongst participants. Coaching is integrated throughout the programme to support the application of learning.

This will vary due to the objectives and design of the programme. An ideal timeframe is 7 to 12 months.

The programme brings together a group of inspiring facilitators who are recognised and passionate about personal and leadership excellence, and specifically selected to support the required programme outputs.

Return on investment (ROI)
To assess a tangible and quantifiable ROI from the programme, it is recommended that one or a combination of assessments is completed for each participant at the outset, and completion of the programme. A variety of assessment options is available, depending on the required output. The assessments include, and are not limited to, Profiles XT, Checkpoint 360, BarOn EQ, and Enneagram.

Group size
A maximum of 15 participants is recommended per group.

As each programme is tailored to address specific needs and outcomes, the price is specifically related to each programme.

Engage and Empower

Engage and Empower

Engage and Empower connects a group of individuals, whether in a business, organisation or team, to gain insight to typical challenges faced, and guided to create action plans to embed the learning into their lives.

Themes include:

  • resolving conflict
  • managing expectations
  • effective recognition
  • embracing change
  • dealing with different personalities
  • creating work/life balance
  • owning stress
  • finding purpose and passion
  • developing strong emotional intelligence
  • overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  • increasing influence, impact and visibility
  • empowering women

Programme format
The programme is run over individual blocks of 2 to 3 hours each and held either bi-weekly or monthly. Each session comprises an opportunity for delegates to engage with their group, gain insight to a variety of requested topics, and to apply their learning. Time for reflection and sharing of learning applied is built into each session.

For maximum effect, it is suggested that the same individuals attend each session. The group should be no greater than 20 people.

Sustaining learning
To support the embedding and sustainability of learning, individual and/or group coaching is recommended. This can take place in person, telephonically or via skype.

As each programme is tailored to address specific needs and outcomes, the price is specifically related to each programme.



Energise creates an opportunity for participants to cleanse and optimise their mind, body and soul thus increasing their energy levels and positively impacting every aspect of their life.

The programme is broken into six individually themed workshops, taking place weekly for the initial three and bi-weekly for the remaining three workshops. At the outset, each participant is assessed nutritionally, physically and mentally; the findings of which are built into an individual plan and reflected on throughout the programme. Each workshop provides an opportunity for reflection and progress checking against each participant’s plan, and insights to topics that will support and sustain their goal. These include: eating for sustainable energy, holistic body alignment, creating balance, remaining committed to my goal, managing stress, gaining the support of others, and sustaining my achievement.

A team comprising a qualified dietician, biokinetist and life coach will journey with the group of participants throughout the programme.

Maximum 10 participants who will remain committed throughout the programme.

Programme breakdown

Workshop Topic Description
Workshop 1 About me Nutritional and physical assessment and creating personal goals
Workshop 2 What now Putting goals into action, powered by awareness
Workshop 3 Being creative Increasing core strength and energy holistically
Workshop 4 Owning stress Energising through my behaviour and eating habits
Workshop 5 Create my story Creating the life I want and the habits I choose
Workshop 6 Staying focused Social eating and gaining the support of my network

The first three workshop themes are consistent, and last three are based on the collective goals of the group.

As each programme is tailored to address specific needs and outcomes, the price is specifically related to each programme.

What We do?



Personal and professional coaching for individuals and teams



Tailored and off the shelf interventions such as Crucial Conversations & Nine Conversations and Leadership

Programme Design

Programme design and execution

Don't settle for an off the shelf course, design your own to effect the change you need.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Require a purposeful message to inspire and motivate your people?

Digital / Mobile

Mobile Solutions

Leverage the IT machine, by integrating a digital / mobile platform engaement platform

Custom Solutions

Custom Solution

Have a challenging problem of an innovation that you just cannot get off the ground

Technology Integration

Technology Integration/Separation

Technology Integration/Separation resulting from Business Acquisitions and Disposals

Interim IT Management

Interim IT Management

Need help aligning IT to business, but cannot carry the cost of a CIO


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